did you see this?

i don't think they're real.
my gut feeling tells me this.

adipose tissue tip
attn: nat the fat rat mommy. 
your child has a great excess of adipose tissue. 
this increases his chances of being a fat man quite a bit. 
he needs a slightly less wholesome diet.

you do know these blogs are recruiting tools, right?
these women and their photos may not even be real.

* * *
i knew a mormon girl once.
she ate one in&out burger a day 
because she said it satisfied her. 
(see the rat's photos of hamburgers . . . 
have we got a hamburger cult here?)
* * *

above you will find one nat, of fat rat fame, ingesting what is likely to be the best cheap slice of pizza on columbus avenue between 68th and 70th street.

just below that, you will find some really awesome comments from the comment section of the article i was interviewed for regarding mormon lifestyle bloggers. (don't read the comments. really), including one conspiracy theory, courtesy of an intelligent commenter.

now. this entire business gives me great pause.

because actually, i did survive my entire sophomore year at byu by only eating one half-pound arctic circle hamburger a day, along with a giant order of fries with fry sauce (fryyyyy sauuuuuuce), and an extra large dr. pepper. and oh, it was gooood.

and, i did eat enough hamburgers while pregnant for my anemia (doctor's orders!) that i was able to rank with conviction of spirit all of the best burgers in the neighborhood. (best one is shake shack and that is not product placement (i wish!)).

even worse: we did have plans to go to the shake shack tonight with our friends.



what if i am part of a hamburger cult, i started to wonder? do you think i'd know it if i were? or is it like having bad taste in men, you don't think you do, but only you totally do and everybody knows it.

luckily, at the last minute my friend had to work, so we ended up getting a slice instead, which also freed my poor mental state of its nagging cultish mental anguish.

for dessert we had cannoli and hot cocoa at the shop around the corner, which is now called "cafe sonatina." they don't allow cell phones inside, which really boiled my gourd! (the cannoli was only so-so. good cocoa though!)

when nursing in public it's important to stay hydrated. fresca does the trick.


  1. I came over from salon. I will add you to my blogreader because unlike everyone else, I have never heard of you before. :) Apparently, you are a more real version of a mormon mommy and that is down my ally.

  2. I also found you through the Salon article. I really love your blog. But the comments of that article, not so much.

    I am mom to a 20 month old, wife to a law student, and I absolutely love your musings. I really wish I lived in New York. I'll go have a burger at Arctic Circle to make myself feel better.

  3. Nat! The canoli!!! Gosh, The Pizza!! I need to get me back to NY. I'm sorry has some hateful readers.

  4. Attn: crazy person commenting on baby with the excess adipose tissue is beyond cute! And if he does become a fat man, he will be a darn cute fat man! The nerve! Then I read the comment about them being recruiting tools and I have even told you before that because of your blog (and that high school crush) I have always wished I was mormon. Wow! Are you real? Hamburger Cult? Bad taste in men? So much to think about. In all seriousness, I love the last comment...awesome!

  5. Way to take the crap out there in stride. Heck, I'd say you took it and ran a quite successful marathon with it. If only I could eat Arctic Circle burgers and fries (with fry sauce OF COURSE) every day and lose five pounds. Perhaps you should have your own line of fitness videos and diet books? You could start a Mormon fitness cult while you're at it! The best part was that last comment. She's right on!

  6. i wanted to have a witty comment but i don't! only that your blog always makes me strive to be a better person/wife/friend/someday mom. i so appreciate your focus on the positive. it is enlightening and helps me to shift my focus to all the good that is around me :) thanks, nat.

    xo, emily b.

  7. five guys is the burger i've been searching for my ENTIRE life. nuff said.

  8. I, too, found you through the article. I'm a Mormon blogger (or a blogger, who is a Mormon, more like) and that had me cracking up! Totally glad I found you - you're super cute and clever.


  9. A hamburger cult? Why didn't you say so sooner? Sign me up!! Oh and whoever said your baby has too much adipose tissue is ridiculous. A chubby baby?! Egads!

  10. Oh gosh, reading the comment section (especially when the topic is Mormons) is never a good idea. The article was actually unbiased, well written, and insightful. But the comments quickly turned to nonsense. Too bad.

  11. you and your words. i love both.

  12. oh I read those comments too... (I shouldnt have :) umm all the blogs mentioned in that article aren't those fakey fakey (looks like their fake) ones. They are all down to earth bit of fun, sometimes a little complaining but done with flair...but true to life ( I think)and not over the top impossible decorating/party hostess blogs..

    are mormon women that competitive? or maybe the people who wrote those comments ( "I lived in utah and the women there all try to one up eachother its all a big competition" - maybe the people who made those remarks felt bad about themselves not measuring up so say that everyone there tris to compete..
    (As an australian mormon I dont think so... well I dont notice it here....)

    and I dont like it when people quote the 'utah has the highest rate of subscription meds' quote that does the rounds constantly. I wish I could find it but I actually read an article by a guy whose job it is to look into any media about LDS> The article said that it is rarely quoted that the high baptist (or other religion) areas of the South and the High Jewish areas in New York side are the places that came second and 3rd for high prescription meds.

    So this may lead to the fact its not only us and that we dont Drink, Smoke or Illegal drug our saddnesses away..... hence a higher than normal prescript meds.

  13. love the blog. Hate the rude comments (on salon). Must be hard to have your life analysed like that. keep up the good work. Over and out.

  14. What a great day.
    1. Your blog. It's like you are a pretty, funny designy version of who I think I am!
    2. Your chubby baby. He's squishy cute. How old is he? Is he accepting betrothals? I have a couple pairs of award-winning baby thighs (not mine, my babies') that would like to be romanced by excess adipose.
    3. Your husband--was expecting him to be wearing a lumberjack shirt and squarish glasses. A little disappointed. was prepared to tell my husband we were going shopping to get glasses so that my readership might improve, but then saw that apparently that was extrapolation.
    4. The comments on the article--bless those people's hearts for being honest. A hamburger cult? If only :)

  15. I have read you for a long time...I guess if Moscow counts as a long time ago! I also read the salon article...but skipped the comments! I do have a bit of info for you though concerning hamburgers. You MUST go to the SPOTTED PIG in the village and have a hamburger. Don't be tempted by the other menu items...get the hamburger. It is delicious...and I actually don't even like hamburgers. They come with shoe string fries that are fried with thin slices of garlic. Please please try won't be disappointed. Let me know what you think when you would make this non crafty, non cutesy, mormon mom blogger so happy!

  16. Dear Nat-
    a.) I was excited to see that you were quoted on Salon, until I got to the comments. That faith is a diverse thing and that not every faith is for everyone should be clear to most thinking people.
    b.) As a person living on another continent who reads (and loves) your blog, it's not really an issue to me whether you're green with spots, buddhist or roman catholic. It's a lovely blog with a positive take on la familia and being a mom. I don't have the feeling that you're part of some kind of marketing scheme...unless it's marketing fun and burgers and pizza, in which case, sell me more!
    c.) So I was home (in the US) after Christmas and I have this sister (whom I love) who's a vegan-borderline-something-or-other-aerobics instructor. Which also kind of sounds like a joke, but isn't--and we were out to eat with the rest of the fam and she looks at a perfectly normal baby and says 'Ohmigod, that baby is SO FAT. It'll probably never be skinny in its entire life, ever!' Or something to that effect. Please bear in mind, this baby did not have even a 1/5 of Hucks adorable chubbification. I was HORRIFIED! Babies are not ever, ever FAT! They are healthy and pleasingly plump!
    Please don't listen to anyone who tells you that the Huckster is adipose. That's the most grotestque thought I've heard articulated in a long time.

    P.S. keep trying with the Holbs and the lumberjack shirts...who knows?

  17. omg a hamburger cult?! that is the singular most amazing idea i have ever heard ever in my life. i want to join it pleasepleaseplease.

  18. i've been reading for a couple weeks now, and i just love your blog. i also read the salon article and a few comments, including the one about us being automatons, which was funny. then i got a little discouraged, so i'm sorry some of them were directed at you. how frustrating.

    i had an extremely chubby baby. chubby babies are cuter. hands down.

  19. I liked the article, but you are right about the comments: not very good. I was hoping they would be more relatable to the article, but of course they weren't. Oh well.

    I found you through there and have to say that your blog is very fun!

  20. I found your blog because of that article, so I am glad I read it! I love this post, good attitude. Honestly, jealously is best taken as flattery, right?

  21. I liked the article because it lead me to your blog. You have such a fun blog!

    I started reading the comments on the article and had to stop after the first few. I don't know what I was thinking. The comments on articles always bring out the crazies!

  22. I am a mormon mommy blogger and I don't eat hamburgers. WHAAAA? I think I missed that brainwashing Sunday meeting. or it wasn't programmed into my database.

    btw, your cell phone pics look totally professional and staged! ;)

    (I thought your quotes were dead-on in the article and pretty articulate, for the record.)

  23. I love your blog! I think I have been reading for over a year but most likely more. I read the salon article and thought it was interesting, because I too am not a Mormon but I do read a few blogs written by Mormon women. And my reason for reading: I think they are well-written, fun, and for the most part uplifting.
    Also, I have had three babies with a great excess of adipose tissue. More to love!
    Also, it always bothers me when people leave negative comments because I was taught if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

  24. I enjoy your blog. I'm not Mormon, but I am a Christian, and part of the reason I enjoy "Mormon Mommy blogs" is because I think our society undervalues women who choose to stay home and raise their kids (and enjoy it too!)

    Even in the church, you get a lot of wrinkly noses and smirks from people when they find out that you are "wasting" your M.S. or M.A. to stay at home with the kids.

    However, that said, I do think it is something of a recruiting tool... I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory, and I don't mean for it to sound like one. It's just that the Mormon church is probably the most self-aware organized religion out there. And I actually mean that in a good way. They use technology to their benefit, and have great marketing skills. They have a large number of amazing women bloggers out there representing the face of the church.(and no, I don't think you were hired by the church, but you and other bloggers like you a great testimony for your faith).

    And if that's not good PR, I don't know what is :)


  25. I'm a Mormon dude. I don't read blogs. But my wife does and she reads yours. She loves it and writes a good blog herself. Her excitement over this article brought me to your blog for the first time.

    She gave me a bound copy of her blog posts from the first two years of our marriage and now we literally have a written history of our first two years together.

    Now tell me that isn't awesome all you haters.

  26. I feel like a bit of a voyeur commenting on your blog, but here I am. Found you via the Salon article. As you know by now, there are some seriously messed up people who regularly spam the comments section over there. It's pathetic. They need some love and lightness in their lives. I am a 57 year old doctor who never had children because the thought that I was highly likely to mess them up scared me witless. Also, during my childbearing years I was not emotionally mature enough to raise a child, being mostly one myself. So I admire you for your zest, maturity, competence and sense of humor. Plus, your baby has normal baby fat. Keep on lovin' those burgers. :D

  27. I knew you were a fake when I saw how cute Huck is. I mean, come on. You not only make cute baby clothes but now you have a cute baby to put in them!? Psh. (I kid, I kid. I love your blog and I think commenters on that board should be put on our temple prayer lists because they are in need of some serious inner peace. Your blog is beautiful - as is your family.)

  28. I feel like a pseudo-celebrity! You quoted me!

    Can I just say, the thing I miss most about Utah is Arctic Circle? It was the shakes for me though. I don't think I'd mind being in a cult if it meant I got to eat a heath shake every day. (For the calcium of course.)

  29. I was so freakin' excited that all my fav bloggers were featured in that article & then I scrolled down & my jaw just dropped to the floor.

    The question: "What is wrong with people these days?" has been cycling in my head after reading salon & Cjanes comments in the deseret paper. Seriously have people lost their minds?

    What happened to being nice & treating others as you would like to be treated, if you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself? You know all that stuff? Geez Louise!

    Anyway, poo on those people, they obviously aren't any fun anyways. We love you & your cute adorable little babe & that's all that matters, right? Right.

    And I'll join your hamburger cult, if it does indeed exist. :)

  30. I too, was pointed here by the Salon article. I never read the comments on Salon, and I love your blog! I'm not a Mormon, but I enjoy learning about the lives of others- especially if there are good ideas, inspiration, and a sense of humor to be found there. And seriously- there is more that binds us together as mothers than there is that separates us. Ignore the haters.

  31. i too would love to join a hamburger cult! sign me up, scotty! love the blog, girl. keep it up!


  32. i read that article last night and then just wrote my own take on it on my blog this morning: however since I am also a mormon mommy blogger I stayed on the positive side. am thinking i will stay away from the comments. love your blog, thanks for sharing.

  33. Glad you did the Salon article because that's how I found your blog: love it. I didn't read the comments because I knew the classic ignorant obnoxious trolls would be in there spreading hate. And, for the record, I'm non-religious but a good hamburger is about as close to God as I think I'll ever get.

  34. as a mommy of four, yes, count them four... I would like to comment upon the likes of squishy babies. I have had both, squishy and super skinny. and can I say, that my super skinny baby had to endure WAY more dr. visits to figure out "why" he was skinny. my squishy baby, well, he's just considered healthy. That's all I have to say about that... seriously people!

    Also, a hamburger cult? That includes Five Guys??? Yup, sign me up, too!

  35. I was a reader before Salon--and wish I hadn't spent an hour reading comments (and I got through only a fraction--yeesh, people!).

    The idea that Mormon bloggers are part of some big conspiracy totally cracks me up. The hate commenters have no clue about who Mormons are (John Birch society? REALLY?)

    (And yes, your little guy is perfection.)

  36. I was sooo confused by the first part of your blog until I clicked over to and read through some of the comments. I wish people weren't so judgmental. If you like to see blogs about silly dogs and antler decorating tips and fat, gurgling babies....great! If you don't, then don't look at the blogs. Simple answer.


    I, the cupcake making and thrift store shopping Baptist, will happily keep reading your blog.

    Unless you're not real. Or my entire life is a dream? Or someone else's dream? Or dream purgatory?

    I watched Inception this weekend and I'm still confused...

  37. I was not a reader before, but I am now & spent (entirely too much) time yesterday scrolling through your old posts. super cute blog, super cute family, SUPER cute baby. what's not to love?

    p.s. I think that so many people are such butt faces on the internet because there is no accountability & no one likes to be responsible for his or her self any more. but then I see commenters on blogs like yours & creature gorgeous's & it helps restore my faith in (wo)man kind

    p.p.s. I have no idea how to use this comment posting thing to post with my google account

  38. i loved that article! not the comments though. :( it looks like you got some new readers from it. awesome! i've been following you for awhile now and have always really liked your posts. i even gave you and this article a shout out on my blog today!

  39. Found you through that article too, which I thought was awfully well-written and thoughtful, and led to almost two hours of reading back through your archives, hee. I stopped reading comments on any news/opinion site (even NPR!) because of the crazy things people say. This, of course, I'm sure you know, but it's nice to hear it over and over : )

  40. I read the salon comments (sigh)

    I think the internet does a good job of teaching me that there are a bajillion different ideas out there, some (wow) mean people, some (wow) awesome people, and there is a necessity in life to swallow your retorts and just sit physically with ideas that don't sit mentally well with yours.

    I was not a huge fan of your blog when I first read it (something about were too cool for me and I was probably bitter ... nonsense, nonsense etc.), but then I came back for more because you are witty and you took heartache and applied faith, wittiness and spunk and somehow heartache became bearable. (oh, and because your stories make me laugh, a lot. And I love seeing pictures of mr. Huck)

    I think the idea of optimism (aka wittiness/spunk) in the face of hard times is a hard one to grasp. I also think that many LDS peoples (and people in general maybe? probably?) are working in some area where the "fake it til you make it" attitude or in scripturese -- Alma pleading with the whole if you even have the desire, act like you believe and belief will come (Alma 32). Or "Lord I believe, help though my unbelief." (Mark 9)-- and because in the process of becoming anything you hit snags that can be confusing and working through them, we can seem like a hypocrite or a fake.

    Except that it's all about what is going on in our hearts, and that makes it not hypocritical or fake. Everyone has days that they walk around smiling and go home and cry in the corner, but 'failing' or giving into the snags of life does not discount the wanting or the trying and all the other succeeding you have done on the road to becoming the person you want to be. I think these blogs are an amazing way to showcase to ourselves that we have successes and our lives are beautiful alongside the snags and everything else, and in the mirror of this vast collection of life events we are coming out on top, truly happy, truly becoming, truly moving forward. It's good times.

    Long long comment ... this is why I never do this. Sorry!

  41. you responded perfectly. with wonderful silly mormoness. Love it!
    -another mormon mommy

  42. Those comments were super ridiculous. You mean the Church doesn't pay you??? Sheeseh.

    Ah, how I miss NY pizza. Sigh. Enjoy it as often as you can! The Shake Shack too. Yummm.

  43. I also found you through the Salon article. I am also a feminist and over educated (currently an MS student, soon to be PhD). I'm not an atheist, but being a scientist, among other things, puts me at odds with some pretty important beliefs that most churches hold. That said I think you are pretty for real and I really enjoy your blog. I respect your mommy career choice. As long as you are happy, everyone needs to remember it takes different strokes and all that.

  44. ps I've read back to when you found your apartment and I will keep going.

  45. I found you from the Salon article and I am so glad I did!! I am also a Mormon Mommy blogger and I started to read the comments and had to stop because some of them were so awful. Some peoples children!! And by the way your little chubby baby is adorable!!

  46. hey, I'm in your faq! I'm honored. :) Thanks for answering my question - I love the meaning behind the flag and that it isn't just a cool thing on the wall.

  47. Ok, so I am joining the bandwagon. Love your blog. I even linked to you on my blog. The comments on were lame. But seriously anytime you have an article that mentions Mormons you it is like a siren for lame people to say lame things. The thing that is most frustrating is that the comments were missing the whole point of the article, which is some people are pretty cool, love their kids and family. Novel idea.

    Anyhow I blog too but I am neither famous or quoted. We are an foreign service family with fat babies that are now trimmer toddlers. We also are LDS. My husband used to live in NYC right before we got married but he doesn't know you. My blog is:

    Anyhow nice to meet you! I will be reading your stuff.

  48. I read a few comments before getting disgusted.

    I'm not Mormon but I love hamburgers...can I be part of the ground cow cult?

  49. I came over for the baby diet tips.


  50. I'm hoping some of those comments are meant to be funny (hamburger cult). I LOVE LOVE LOVE rockstar diaries, and just found your blog through the article. I am not Mormon. I am not a mom. (But I do live in NYC!) But I find Naomi's blog (and maybe this), to inspire me to be more creative (like other blogs I read), open to marrying my boyfriend and that marriage is good, and open to having a family and that while tough, can also be good. I come from a good family but find it easier to relate to people my age then looking at my parents and thinking "maybe I can do that." And your baby is perfect and healthy. And I don't think you're recruiting me. And I am jealous that Mormons can eat so many burgers and look so good. Keep it up Nat!


    I worked with "the Holbs" and I am so fond of your blog! Your adventures make me smile,

  52. When I was a pregnant 22-year old working at the Church Office Building in SLC (um does it get any more Mormon than that?) I would religiously buy a crispy chicken sandwich from the cafeteria grill, smother it in fryyyy sauuuuce and pickles, and eat it with my eyes closed. The cult is real. But sometimes it's more poultry-like.

    And my baby girl Chuck likes your Huck.

  53. i mean, i started to read those comments, and it convinces me that the world is a bunch of pretentious 13 year olds.

    team nat.
    also you baby is really really cute.

  54. I found your blog on that salon article and I think you are an amazing person and I love your blog it is hilarious and inspiring! I am also a stay at home Mormon Mom and I just wanted to say thanks your blog is now my new favorite!

  55. But do you use the expression "Holy Cow!" a lot? That's how to know if you're really in a hamburger cult! HA! :-)


    I read the article (You got interviewed! How cool is that!) and only the first page of comments because, let's face it, I'm a lazy comment reader (I haven't even read the comments on this post, yet). And I totally loved part of what one person said,

    "'The media' is overly focused on negativity - what is going wrong, tragedies, disasters, problems. The standard of fiction is to narrate a conflict. Even fairy tales *end* with "they lived happily ever after".

    But how often is happiness chronicled?

    Family, home, children, crafts, and the simple living of life can be incredibly joyful if you let it be so. No, it's not always easy - but so what?"

    Wasn't that a cool quote? Nat The Fat Rat, you're a Happiness Chronicler!

  56. Oh, and PS#1 Props to the HolbsEater for pizza posing for the blog.

    PS#2 I used to live there, and you HAVE to fold your pizza, or it just won't taste as good. Here? Not so much.

  57. Another one from Salon here. I had actually gone there because I was looking for an article on how the internet is turning us into blah blah. Instead I found the one on the Mormon mom blogs.
    I was really hooked. I clicked on all of them but the only one that got my undivided attention was yours.
    You and I have practically nothing in common. I'm a mom too (a 6 year-old and a 2 year-old)and I love my kids, but I'm not and probably will never be as naturally maternal as you seem to be (nature or nurture, who knows, e.g. the only kids that are interesting to me are my own). I guess that's about it. I'm not religious (I respect those who are), I'm 10 years older than you, I'm from Argentina and if I ate as much as you say you do I would weight 600 pounds.
    Yet, I cannot stop reading this. Coming across as a real person is easier said than done, especially when it comes to blogging, but you nail that. You have something special going on here. What's funny is that, of all the mom bloggers I've found myself reading these days, you're probably the one who spends the least time doing crafts, cooking or being housewifey. You're the least smug, by far. Your blog is the one with the least professional-looking photos and you certainly don't have nearly as much food porn in here as, say, the young lady from the Rockstar Diaries. Boy! She's the totally undisputed queen of burgers and cupcakes (and frozen yogurt, sushi, hot chocolate, etc).
    I am a little puzzled by the diet coke obsession, though. I was under the impression that Mormons could not drink caffeine at all.
    As for the Mormon part, well, I don't understand why people get so riled-up about it. There was a LDS church in my neighborhood when I was a little girl and the people there were the nicest, kindest I've ever met. And they would let us catholic kids (I used to be one) use their basketball court and play in the church yard. Nobody ever tried to recruit or indoctrinate anyone and all was well with the world.
    Ok,I'm not sure of what I'm trying to say here. Maybe just that I appreciate your sincerity and refreshing lack of dark sarcasm. Being able to engage people whose lives are different from yours is a rare talent. May you continue using it well...
    Oh, I forgot! I think it is extremely odd that you have to cover yourself like that when you're nursing. Nobody does that here where I live, at least not that I've noticed. And all you people out there who might care, there's no such thing as an exclusively breast-fed obese baby. That's the beauty of the boob!
    Take care

  58. I made it through some of the comments but then had to go lie down before my brain spilled out of my ear. I liked the article though, and immediately subscribed to you and the rockstar. Huzzah for Hamburger cults! And Mormon Mommy Blahgs! I'm one, and though my husband has squared off hipster glasses, we are not hip. At all. I enjoy living vicariously through those who are.

    Glad to have found you -

  59. G'day, your blog is fun, I like the writing, sense of humour, chubby baby. I've read back through your struggle with infertility - I'm so please that's worked out for you.
    I'm here via the Salon article and I'd like to stay for a while.

    Thanks from 'Down Under'.

  60. Comments on I know I shouldn't have. But I do the same when my mom forwards me articles from Deseret News, and why should I be surprised that anything, anything involving a Mormon turns into some sort of bash-fest? Fun. You can hardly say, "Hey, Jimmer Fredette scored some points and isn't that great" without the Church and its misinformed or even not-meaning-well neighbors around the world saying something mean. You'd think I'd learn.

    Anyway, bet your blog is about to explode now with your fame, and then randomly, I could've known about you all this time. You know Beth Plambeck? Right. Well, we used to live in the same neighborhood. We played soccer together, carpooled, make things out of Mod Podge. I moved. We reconnected on Facebook, when I posted the Salon article, and she told me you were friends. It's a small world. I would've been in high school with you, too. I bet your buttons my parents would know/of you/your parents. We were in the Tualatin 1st ward. Strange, eh, to live miles apart and make a connection years later only seconds (internet time) apart but thousands of miles apart otherwise? Life is funny. Great blog...I guess backlash is the price of fame? :)

  61. five guys is clearly the best, and i'm glad you agree :] haha. also? you are gorgeous!

  62. Whoa, I read the article on salon because I love blogs that happen to be written by mormons and moms although I am neither, but dude, if anyone had told me mormonism was basically a hamburger cult I'd have been on board a loooong time ago! keep it up, glad to have found you via salon.

  63. When people say "hamburger cult" I think they are being sarcastic. You have to admit, there are a lot of very similar hipster Mormon Mommy Blogs out there- the article was spot on with her descriptions of husbands in bowties and polaroids, we all know it's true. And between you and Naomi, with the posting about food and burgers and going out with husband, it is quite similar.

    I mean, the blog "Seriously, So Blessed!" is popular for a REASON. It satirizes the reality- that a lot of Mormon Mommy Blogs- especially the "big city hipster Mormons" are eerily similar. Frankly, I love 'em and keep reading 'em. But one doesn't have to deny the truth in order to stick up for oneself. You have a shiny, happy, hip blog. And there are lots of those out there in the Mormon blogging world. Be proud that you have managed to be seen as a unique voice in that crowd. You seem happy, you have a cute family, life goes on. You have tons of fans, so appreciate that.

    One last thing- a large part of seeming shiny happy hip is that fact that while you (and Naomi) post tons of pictures of you eating lots of junk food, there is little to no talk of working out, of eating well, of worrying about weight gain, etc. So, that further embodies the fantasy world most women would love to live in- I can live in a big city with a perfect husband and a beautiful baby and go out to eat hamburgers and cupcakes and pizza and drink sodas and still be model skinny within a few months of having a baby! That can come off as fairy tale fake as a lot of celebrities, even if it is true.



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