okay, january

I think all of my problems could be solved if I just had a full-length mirror. We don't currently have one and it is just weird. How am I supposed to know how I am feeling about things if I don't have a full-length mirror? Do you know how old it gets for me to walk down to the elevator bank just to see what I'm looking like from the waist down? 

Now that I mention it, I think that elevator bank must have some kind of mystical powers, because every time my neighbor waits for an elevator there he belches mightily. Today I was giving Huck a bath, when from out in the hall he burped so loudly I thought it might shake the walls of the apartment. And then Huck peed in the bath and I said, "now it's a party," according to Holbrook Bath Time Tradition. 

I understand how sometimes elevator banks can make you do weird things, don't get me wrong, but one of these days I might just pop my head out the door and call, "BLESS YOU!" which would be my passive-aggressive way of saying, "ARE YOU FOR REALS?"

These days when I am singing every Disney song in my repertoire, huck starts singing along with me. it is the cutest. He hoos like an owl and coos like a dove and then smacks his lips at me. Bless that child but he wants nothing more than my boobs (gets that from his daddy). I happily oblige because when he is nursing is when I do my best thinking. 

But after just two months of it I am out of deep things to think about, so now if I am nursing I am most likely thinking about my hair.

Nursing is also when I get my best roll inspection done. 

Sargent Mom, reporting for Roll Patrol! 

Today while on line to exchange a candle at Guantanamopologie I discovered a new roll in the left quadrant of Huck's third chin. I wiped out a whole clan of spitup that must have been there since the dawn of the cavemen. It was kind of like that dream I have where I find a whole new wing of my house, and that wing is where I happened to have stored all my spare gold at some point. 

I call the Anthropologie on 50th Guantanamopologie, because going in that place is TORTURE. I'm pretty clever sometimes.

Sometimes Brandon will try to give me writing advice. Just now he told me that I should try to seem like a person of substance. 

"Don't talk about shallow things," he said. 

Well, shoot.

Here are two photos that were taken today on Buster. 
(Buster is my iPhone.)


  1. Omigoodness! Lol at your baby singing along like a confused bird! That'll keep me laughing all the night through, I'm sure.

    And also? This post makes me want to right an awesome post of my own for the first time in months. How's THAT for substance? (pass that on to Holbs for me.)

  2. Oh for dying out loud! I mean "write" not "right". But is not "right" sometimes also right?

  3. Sorry, Buster's a 'no' for me. I definitely think you need something more regal (as you mentioned in the last post) something with 'sir' in the name.

  4. i agree w/ the charlotte, sir something-or-other is a good iphone name. or, you know, just "Natalie's iPhone." that could be fun. "Hey, Holbstalker, could you hand me Natalie's iPhone? I need to take a picture of the babe." hmmm...

    (i need sleep, sorry!) : )

  5. shallow stuff is the fun in life. substance without fun?? noooo!

  6. First of all, I like how Huck is eyeing the Diet Coke in the mirror picture.
    Second of all, I agree with above on Buster!

  7. Do you know how much you make me smile? Your posts just seem to touch on so many levels. The photo of your honey and little Huck was so sweet. You have a 1st class swaddle down with his little red socks peeking out!

  8. Sitting with a sleeping baby on my chest was one of my favorite things in the motherhood world! You are a beautiful mother! And your fat little babe is adorable!

  9. Buster = no. I am having a naming problem with my Droid, I have had her for a few months and still it's just "Droid" which is not a suitable name.

    I have that tank top but in a different color....

  10. Huck is sucha little chunkster, so adorable!!

    I know I've commented in the past about how much I love your blog, but it's just so fun to read. And Anthropologie, such a loverly store, but why oh why so expensive?! It makes my heart so sad.

  11. Nat! i need your help- i'm featuring my first giveaway on my blog today... and well, you and the queen of giveaways, so... help! how does one do this, exactly? thanks mucho!


  12. I am thinking that Huck is in a precarious position on Holb's chest. One of them shouldn't be sleeping...should they? The Holbs has a little peace sign thing going on with his hand while he sleeps.

  13. Chuck, neither of them were sleeping, if you can believe it.

  14. I spent a good deal of time balancing on the side of the bath tub to try and get a full image out of our bathroom mirror prior to finally getting a full length one. It is SO inconvenient.

    I'm thinking there should be a recording of baby Huck's musical talents. That would totally send the cute-o-meter off the charts. ;)

  15. Oh my goodness, I FEEL your full-length-mirror pain, only I have no bank of elevators to help me out. I've simply decided that the top half of me will have to look impressively fabulous, so that people won't even realize the bottom half of me is lacking (if it is, because how would I know?)

    And definitely NOT Buster. I like what Charlotte suggested, he should definitely have a "Sir" title. Like Sir Igor, possibly.

  16. the second photo is just so cute!


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