for weeks i've been searching craigslist and peeking in every thrift store for the perfect little dresser to fit in huck's teeny little closet bedroom. and then yesterday i found this little beauty on the curb on garbage day, perched ever so daintily on an overstuffed black hefty sack:

after a thorough inspection to make sure she wasn't covered in bed bugs/soaked in urine, i brought her home to live with us. i sort of love her. i think she's sweet.

one time on garbage day, brandon found this little art deco hutch on the corner and raced me down the stairs to look at it. as we debated it, three other couples walked by giving us "i want it if you don't" eyes. garbage day can be a highly stressful day. you gotta act fast.

huck's little closet bedroom is starting to come together!

i'm not going to lie, the first time i saw a kid sleeping in a closet in nyc i thought it was ridiculous. i swore i'd never do it. of course, she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor.
it wasn't a bedroom so much as a cave.

huck's closet is not so bad. i'd sleep in there! it's nice and
q u i e t.

my pictures need frames, they're sagging.

this is huck on our bed. just because.

not everything the city streets has to offer is so wonderful. 
take a look at mr. cucaracha. 
i found him down the block the other night.

he made clicking noises as he walked. click-click-click-click-click. 

art prints c/o a vintage poster
mobile c/o the little tiny
bedding, tapestry, and bunting from urban outfitters
penguin classic children's books from anthropologie
rad taxi booties c/o molly elmer
crib is the alma bloom mini and yes, we love it and yes, it's super tiny


  1. you are seriously my new york inspiration, if that is a thing.
    i graduate college in 2 semesters and plan on moving to nyc as fast as i possibly can.

    i el oh vee ee LOVE your blog and your cute chubby baby and your adorable teeny tiny apartment. i feel like i can make a tiny apartment homey and cute someday because of what you've done with yours!

    oh, i like the tapestry, personally. oh oh, target always has cool-ish frames on cleaaaarance!

  2. oh i like this post. this was fun. yes, keep the bunting down. although i like the bunting better than the tapestry, if you must know. but it's your house so do what you please. just like this is your blog, so whatever banner your little heart desires, is what will be on the blog. glad you found the perfect little dresser!

  3. It's perfect! The Shelving Fate Lady was smiling down on you that day!

    No need for the bunting, the Earth looks pretty cool without it.

  4. i love it when the magic lady of your city sends a special surprise just for you...for my mum it was a giant ceramic hippo, for me a nearly new ikea bedframe :) i am also partial to the map wall hanging, may have to invest...


  5. That cot mobile is TOTALLY on my nursery list! I found it on etsy the other day and was completely won over.

    Cutest closet ever.

  6. I LOVE how on Henry's birth announcement poster you wrote "totally rad" instead of his height (length?). Totally rad is way more descriptive.

    Have you tried freecycle? It's more annoying to use than craigslist but sometimes there's good stuff, and it's all free! I'm jealous of your shelf- there's never anything good at our trash pile/dumpster.

  7. I love Huck's closet bedroom, and I am glad you clarified that there is a tapestry hanging in the background. The first time I saw that pic I thought it was peeling paint . . . Tee hee!

  8. I'll never forget garbage days in NY. We call the curb outside our place the bermuda triangle as all it takes is the nod of my head and the brief moment it takes to ingest a mini snickers bar for that furniture to be long gone. Our best catch thus far: Romanian crystal goblets! Yay for garbage days!

  9. AnonymousJune 21, 2011

    I love the new dresser! And the tapestry is interesting but maybe a little much??? Anyway, I liked the banner... :)

  10. I just scored a new toy box for Luke (due in oct) from the curb last week, so I know the thrill you speak of! I love the changes you made, the tapestry makes it for me! But I agree on the bunting. Its great in theory, but it didnt work in Hucks little area.

  11. Personally I liked the bunting but perhaps is looks so interesting and inviting that it will just get pulled down by a curious little Huckster.

    As for the frames, I like to look through second-hand stores and clearance racks and pick up interesting (ugly?) frames and paint/stain/cover them to suit whatever project I have going on. I just put some in my kids' room, you may check it out if you like

  12. I vote tapestry! I really like the map, but the bunting is pretty cute to, so I guess your safe in the cute department no matter what you choose.

  13. No to bunting. Yes to tapestry. And you will find frames. Eventually. Or the prints will sit without frames until you cannot stand them anymore because the search for frames will have beat you down and you will have lost your zest for the challenge.

    Yes, been there......

  14. Love it! What a cute little room! Love the tapestry. The bunting was a little much. Totally love your new bedding too!!

  15. keep the tapestry but no bunting - a little too much with the mobile. two thumbs up!

  16. Great post. Very fun. Love the dresser.
    Picture of Huck slays me.

    No. instagram makes everything look worse.
    Sorry. But i'm a blunt, opinionated, outspoken O.F. In case you hadn't figured that out, yet.

  17. Yes to Tapestry, Love that! Since I don't know what a bunting is I can't comment on that:) (maybe it's the flag thingy) Love that shelf it's amazing, your trash days sound like a weekly event that everyone attends...
    now my next question...does huck live in someone's closet? I love it! I mean I'm all for using up every inch of space, and I know new york apts are tiny...
    So we were thinking of getting that crib, is that the mini alma crib?

  18. Yes to tapestry.. I love it... and can you teach me how to use instagram. I got my first phone ever last week and i have instagram but I cant work out how to keep my pictures....

  19. no to bunting, yes to tapestry - it's interesting, but not too busy, and looks really nice behind his crib. and can we see a proper picture of (what I assume is) Huck's birth annoucement? it looks like so much fun! I'd love to know where/how you designed it, got it printed, etc.

  20. Nat, no matter how cheeky your writing is, how cool your photos are etc. do you realize you are getting upstaged by that baby of yours? He is just the cutest thing. You may as well just give up now and just post photos of him. To die for, that kid.

  21. I totally agree that the bunting was a little wonky, but ONLY because it was a bit too big for such a wee wonderful space (I've always wanted to live in a Harry Potter closet myself). Nat--make your own!!! I shopped my house, thrift stores, and JoAnn's and made some bunting that I have to admit looks AWESOME, and it was super easy. Now, you don't have a sewing machine as I recall, but get some ribbon, some iron-on tape, some pinking shears, and some some fabric (less than you'd think), and make some tiny flags! Like, two inches wide and maybe two to three inches long. Cutting them with the pinking shears will keep them from fraying--easy peasy. Pin them to the ribbon with the iron-on tape in between, heat up your iron, and voila! You'll have gorgeous bunting you didn't have to sew that other people will drool over.

  22. Not to be compleeeetely lame, but here's the post about my bunting, to give you an idea of the potential for awesomeness. Just kidding. But really--it was easy, and I think you could make something really cute for Huck's own Harry Potter closet!

  23. i kind of wish huck's room was my room. it's so charming and cozy.

  24. Huck's bedroom is so adorable! So cozy and snuggly. Love it.

    I'm going to be completely honest and sound like an idiot here - we had the occasional cockroach in my first apartment and I didn't even get that it was a cockroach. I just thought it was a really gross bug (which I guess it is.) Probably a good thing, or else I would have been even more freaked when one crawled out of the drain at me when I was showering. Ugh, just remembering that freaks me out.

  25. definitely loving the tapestry so i add my "keep it" to your bloggy comments. :) your decorating is inspiring. now i just need to get my butt in gear...!

  26. Love the tapestry. I concur with most of the comments here about the bunting. It was a bit too much when combined with the tapestry and the mobile.

    Huck's little closet bedroom is teeny tiny cute! And the shelf you found for his dresser looks great. The only possible downfall might be when his little feet start walking and he's pulling every item of clothing off the shelf no less than 55 times a day ;)

  27. I totally recognized that mobile from The Little Tiny because I'm going to have a booth at Craft Lake City this year and I was checking out the other artists on the site and she will be there too!!

  28. you SHOULD HAVE KEPT THE BUNTING!! but it's still cute without it, too.

  29. i found your blog today through your blogger ad on MY blog. :)
    we are in pretty different stages of life but i am loving looking your posts!
    i have 5 kids and live in the middle of kansas! no babies any more.
    your little guy is so cute.
    so just saying hi today!

  30. NO! The tapestry is awesome, the bunting was not. You made the perfect choice. No answer for you on the frames, but my goodness that dresser! LOVE.

  31. That cot mobile is TOTALLY on my nursery list! I found it on etsy the other day and was completely won over.

    electric heat pump


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