MY CHRISTMAS TREE :: aubrey bennion & rebecca baust & jess lomas ::

after i asked for tree submissions, aubrey's was the first to come in--and i love how nontraditional it is! girl you have an eye for branch decor! thanks aubrey! our second submission is from rebecca, and our third is from jess. take it, girls!

"i have a branch! a rescued-from-the-gutter branch turned christmas tree!

it's definitely the result of my childhood growing up in a split home. you know, liberal dad, conservative mother. the liberal was always trying to convince the conservative to go the non-traditional route and haul in a benjamin tree to decorate and stash presents under. but the conservative insisted on the fanciest, most expensive tree in the lot--the noble fir. and it was plastered--encrusted even!--with a smattering of ornaments collected over our lifetime. and multi-colored lights. not even white ones.

and so, as a result, at 29, spending my first christmas away from family, i chose a branch. and not a charlie brown kind of sad christmas tree, an honest to goodness branch. 

p.s. this year i lit it up."


"My husband and I truly had an argument as to whether we were getting a tree this year. I am the Christmas tree scrooge and could have easily let the holidays pass us by without the thought of a tree. Before you judge, we live in NYC in a 4th floor walk-up with a curius pup who likes to drink tree water.

Of course, Ed won the fight and I caved for the tree. I'm not sure how you even win a fight that includes not having a Christmas tree? 

I politely elbowed a few people at Home Depot to get the highly revered over-priced LED lights. I still haven't fount the perfect tree topper so she remains without one. Gasp!

She is a teeny 4-foot fir (or is it a spruce?) and I am enchanted by her twinkle. She smells like the woods and my pup may actually try to eat her."


"Okay, so technically we don't have a Christmas tree but hear me out! The boy and I just moved into a new apartment a two minute walk from the Melbourne CBD. It's super cute but someone forgot to build enough cupboard space--something I'm sure you can sympathise with [ed: boy can i!] Being an artificial tree gal from way back we decided there simply wasn't enough room to house a tree for the 11 months it wouldn't be on show, so we decided to make our home festive by breaking the tree up into its various elements--baubles, lights, garlands, etc. We're quite chuffed with the final result, especially knowing it will be so easy to take down and store until next December!"

was named after the founder of the gryffindor house!
of course.
for the rest of the month i'll be featuring the christmas trees of some of my favorite bloggers (and of some of my readers too!) i'll be posting a new tree each day, on top of regular posts from me. so, LOTS of posts in december! ho-ho-hope you enjoy them!


  1. thanks natalie, you're a gem! have a happy christmas!! :)

  2. I have hearted these Christmas tree posts this month. Thank you for the cheery cheer!

  3. these trees are so cute!! was hoping you'd feature mine today as it's my birthday :( oh well, always next year!

  4. Lo-o-ove the fridge garland so much. I'll be copying that next year, for sure!

  5. Fridge garland! I love it.

    I am loving these tree posts.


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