for christmas this year, brandon and i gave each other a dinner table for our dining room. 

i gave him the top and he gave me the legs. isn't that romantic? 

so we planned on not opening anything from each other on christmas morning, but then both of us went and broke the rules, because of the christmas spirit and things. you know how that happens. 

i found brandon some terribly woolly socks and a really hot sweater (not hot like the temperature), and of all the things in the world, brandon marched himself over to the local dance store behind lincoln center and bought me a pair of ballet slippers. because i tell him only a million times a day when the ABT dancers are running around that i always regretted giving up dancing. and because my living room performances are the stuff of legend. and because, he told me as i opened them,  he wants me to know that he will always support my dreams, even the silly ones. seriously. i mean, this guy. what a hunk.

speaking of brandon. he is growing his christmas beard for me, and have i mentioned how that red beard makes my knees go all wobbly? and he is kind to my little brother and he is sweet to my little sisters and he goes grocery shopping with my mother and he makes me laugh and he loves on his fat baby. yes SIR. two thumbs up, holbsauce. and a pinch on the bottom!

speaking of bottoms . . .

you're welcome for that, internet. 
(p.s. our christmas jams this year were vintage muumuus from the various thrift stores of eastern idaho. my mom's got skills.)


  1. The video is private I guess? So I can't view it. Boo. :(

    BUT that may just be the sweetest gift I've ever heard of! What a thoughtful guy!! :)

  2. Oh no! The Internet won't let me watch your video! It says it's private.

    Also, super sweet post. I love that he gave you ballet slippers. What a great man! :)

  3. @gentri @jasmine whoops! i fixed it!!!

  4. Oh my heck, that has to be the sweetest Christmas present ever! Any guy who pays attention to the little things like that is most definitely a winner. I need someone like the Holbs in my life! Does he have any single brothers? ;)

  5. hahaha! yay! I had to come back and check to see if you'd fixed it and I'm so glad you did! Awesome. :)

  6. this was amazing. made perfect by the vintage housecoats. love what you said about your husband - such a great way to describe being loved by a good person, and the one for you. way to go you guys!

  7. Your husband is a dream. I'm impressed.

  8. Did you cry when you opened the slippers? I would've cried.

  9. hahahahaha. that video is priceless. gotta love the crazy sister time. :)

    and you should take beginner ballet classes if you've always wanted to try it!!! alvin ailey has a lot of open adult beginner ballet classes. as do lots of other places in the city (but i'm biased b/c alvin ailey has some amaaaazing city views from their beautiful studios.)

    do it!

  10. this is so sweet because, let's face it, I LOVE LOVE. and happily married couples who are happily married after a bunch of years? my favorite thing.

    also, i love that your baby didn't even glance up when you were busting those sick moves! amazing.

  11. Your husband sounds like my husband... And aren't we so lucky to have the good ones? I know lots of people in ok/happy relationships, but not everyone is as super lucky as us!

  12. I might love you now.
    My life will never be the same after watching that video.

    Also, my hubs got me a similar gift this year--although he might have hit a nail on the head with ballet slippers too. I mean similar in sentiment. He tracked down an original Remington Rand typewriter. This sucker was made in 1932 and it is heavy and smells old and it is GORGEOUS.

    He typed a letter on it so it was the first thing I saw when I opened the box. And he told me to just write, even on the days I didn't feel like it. And for those days, an old-fashioned typewriter to put me in the mood.


  13. Your husband is so sweet!

    I always wanted to be a dancer, too. And the sad thing is, I had the talent, but completely lacked the confidence. I won scholarships in high school, my dance "partner" now dances in LA and is on tv all the time, I took college dance classes and was often encouraged by the teachers to major, but through all of this I never thought I was good enough. Or that I was "too old." Then, every year, I would look back at the previous year and realize, "wow, I am talented. I still have time to do this," but would totally chicken out.

    I never did chase that dream and would often lay awake at night wishing or crying about it. Now that I've gotten married and had a baby, I've let the dream go (family responsibility and all that), but it often still haunts me...

    It is my only regret.

  14. How sweet! My red-bearded lumberjack boyfriend is buying me an i-pass this I don't blow through any more tolls and get violations. I took modern dance in college so all I need is my bare feet to roll around the apartment, which I'm sure he's grateful for!

  15. what a beautifully touching gift! there really is nothing better than a GOOD man.

  16. This post just made my day. Your family is such an inspiration or love and ridiculous cuteness. Thanks Natalie!

  17. Not sure why my comment didn't show up last night, but...
    Major props to the Holbster! What a sweet gift!
    Love the video - especially the fact that Huck is sitting there like NOTHING out of the ordinary is going on around him! So cute! Enjoy your stay in the GREAT northwest!

  18. i love that huck's just sitting there, oblivious to all the dancy-ness. either that or...he's over it.

  19. I love it.

    This video...this is how I know if we ever met. BFF's. Fo sho. I do my own form of ballet in the living room all the time. When I go home to visit, I force my mom to watch and tell me how good I am and how it is a shame she didn't put me in ballet when I was young.

    Love that Huck is just hanging out like "yeah that's my mom and my aunts..whatevs"

  20. that's awesome! i STILL want to be a ballerina even though i'm 23 and i'm sure it's too late to start. but i'm dreaming...:) what a sweet husband you have.

  21. This brings me such joy - it's so mind-exploding to know how much love people can have for each other.

    I love love. :)


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