THE GREAT COOKIE QUEST :: city bakery ::

i've probably walked past city bakery without knowing it was there about a million times.
knowing what i now know about the city bakery, this seems ridiculously embarrassing.

the place was packed when we arrived and it was packed when we left,
and the people watching in between was perfect.

armed with my official taste-tester cookie monster sidekick huck
(and my good friend erica),
we decided to try a little of everything.

but let's cut to the chase. these cookies here are amaaaaaaaazing.

perfectly dense and perfectly chewy and perfectly crystally.
and salty without tasting too salty. if that makes sense.

on a tip from an employee (who also happened to be a reader--hi kim!), we also got the melted chocolate chip cookie and the pretzel croissant (for dipping in the hot chocolate of the day--the peanut butter barge hot chocolate--it turns out there was an entire peanut butter cookie in that hot chocolate).

the melted chocolate chip cookie was basically a gooey brownie in a cookie. it was so rich i could only handle one bite, but that one bite was craaazy good.

the croissant though. out of this world.

the hot chocolate was way too much for me,
but it was heavenly as a little pretzel croissant dip.

and also--would you look at that marshmallow?

city bakery score:
(on a scale of 1-5)
flavor: 5
texture: 5 million point ten
appearance: 3
nyc experience: 5
total: 17

next time you're in the city:
city bakery
18th and 5th avenue
open 7:30am-7pm



  1. the first time the marshmallows peeked its way into the pictures, i literally put my face up to the screen trying to figure out what that white mass was!!! "foam?" "whipped cream?... no".
    it is massively marshy and looks perfect. as does huck's face in that picture : )

  2. I'll have one order of a baked orgasm, please. Best description of a cookie that I've ever heard.

    Also, I tried to do the false eyelashes thing the other day and it was an epic fail. I looked like a tranny. That, and I have long eyelashes to begin with, which almost look as intense as false lashes once I've gooped the mascara on. Needless to say, yours look amazing.

    Along Abbey Road
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  3. That marshmallow is unreal!! I would love to see what the bag of marshmallows looks like!!

  4. I dragged my husband there YESTERDAY to make him try a chocolate chip cookie! I love City Bakery (even if it is always crazy busy and even if their hot chocolate is just a touch too rich)..

  5. okay, so i might just fly to new york city simply for this. delicious!!!!
    xo TJ

  6. Oh wow! I can't believe you hadn't been to City Bakery. I have a serious obsession with that place and their pretzel croissants. SO SO good! You'll have to try the bakers muffin too. It's perfection!

  7. you know i live around the corner from city bakery and also have never gone! it's truly embarrassing. i just read an article about their hot chocolate and tried to make an effort to go this past weekend and failed. this post has made it clearer i need to try harder!

  8. i would rival city bakery with levain as well. mostly because after eating levain i have to waddle home.

  9. that marshmallow is massive--my hot chocolate has been missing out majorly!

    And I didn't visit here when I was in NY so of course I will have to visit soon to try it out.

  10. so now i have to buy a ticket and fly to NY so i can try this baked orgasm. i mean, nothing really sounds better than that!

  11. Oh my goodness. This place would be very bad news for me. I'm going to be dreaming of those goodies for a while. Thanks for sharing!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  12. wow... better than levain? really?? i guess i'll be stopping by on my way home from work to pick some up for my husband's homecoming tomorrow!

  13. Somehow I've never tried City Bakery (and I had a similar "so that's where it is" reaction as you when I first stumbled upon it), but now I absolutely must go for one of those pretzel croissants and that hot chocolate!

  14. gosh dang it. just reading this is making me think of excuses to head down there again. kinda glad its not in our neck of the woods or I'd be in trouble.

  15. Oh geeze, I wish this place was not so close to my office! I just looked at my office mate and yelled WE MUST GO HERE IMMEDIATELY!
    Happy Wednesday :)
    Kate from

  16. omg, I hate you. I haven't been to city bakery in YEARS! Now I really really want to go!

  17. Oh goodness! Who can pass up yummy baked goods. I think I'll bake some cookies this afternoon.

  18. I'm drooling just from the memory of it all. As much as I loved the pretzel croissant and hot chocolate, next time I think I will skip those and go straight to the cookies.

  19. this series is so rude to pregnant people who live int he middle of iowa.

  20. OMG the marshmallow and cc cookie... New must see place on my NY list.

  21. ahhhh I am so freakin' hungry now for some delicious cookies. Please pack some up and ship them to me, k? thanks!
    Hope you are having a great week.

  22. Oh my goodness! I want to go here so badly now! Wish I was in NYC!

  23. Oh I love City Bakery. It was at CB that my now-fiance and I ordered our first hot chocolate with gargantuan marshmallow together, with which we strolled through Central Park on a perfectly chilly night. And it was just steps outside the doors that I realized I would one day marry him. It was also one of those fantastic cookies (given to us for free with our hot cocoa!) that assuaged his pain as we waited for an hour at Rock Center to ice skate for $33 each. It has a special place in my heart. :)

  24. Nat the Fat Rat. You just said amazeballs. That is my favorite thing of today.

  25. Holy cookies! Not fair. You HAD to post this on the first day of Lent. And I'm Catholic. And so I'm "fasting" today and I've decided to give up sugar until Easter. Ouch.

    Send me cookies and marshmallows for Easter?? *thud*

  26. I just started reading your blog! Love your glasses - would you mind sharing the brand and style?


  27. Better than LEVAIN?!? Isn't that like, blasphemous?!? So after reading your review this morning I HAD to stop at City Bakery after work to try this orgasmic confection. Plus I've been wanting to try the Ode to the Polar Bear hot chocolate since I heard about it last year. Anyway. Maybe you prefer your cookies more crispy/chewy than soft/melty/gooey. Maybe they served your cb cookie warm and that made it better? But for me the cb cookie was just good, not orgasmic. Levain still has my undying love and vote for best cookie ever.
    Although, I certainly do not regret the taste testing opportunity. :) Keep these recommendations coming! I'm heading to choco bolo next!

  28. City Bakery (and it's green sister Birdbath Bakery) are Ah-ma-zing!!!! Hands down the best cookie in NYC. I had one this weekend, and was wondering if you had tried it for your cookie challenge. Apparently you had the same idea as I. (:

  29. Noted. And oh holy yum! I can not wait for our NYC trip!!!!

  30. Well that's a rave review if I ever saw one! So glad you enjoyed yourself and got to enjoy the devilish combo of pretzel vs hot chocolate. It's no easy task to work there and not want to devour it all. All. The. Time. Thansk for dropping by!

  31. holy crap that's a large marshmallow. i love it.

  32. holy marshmallows. i love it.

  33. I'm totally backwards, I found you first on instagram, and now your blog. YOUR BLOG! you have me rolling over this, thank you.
    and, I have a Harrison, sometimes we call him huck.
    your huck is cute.

  34. where are those specks from!? they are on xxx

  35. Making me hungry...wishing I was in NYC..bakery heaven! Love your blog.

  36. There used to be a City Bakery in L.A. and I LOVED going there for their melted chocolate cookies. When my husband and I were in NYC a couple of years ago, I was like, "Awesome! Melted chocolate cookies from City Bakery!" Then I went there and they told me that they weren't in season. Seriously?!?! Umm...cookies are ALWAYS in season. :)


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