item the first:
this french flavored cheese is insane. i'm completely obsessed with it.
it's CHEESE! i found it at whole foods. 

item the second:
this is the how-to video i watched before applying my falsies the first time.
(i recommend liquid liner first, and i spread my glue in a line on my hand instead of in one dollop.)
(oh and i apply from the outside-in).

item the last:
here are this week's babble posts!

what would a design blogger wear? (a round up of my favorite looks from alt)
winter hair care tips with bonus gorgeous hair photos

and of course, huck's blog!


  1. 1. i haven't read your blog on the actual site for a while, and when i clicked over today from my reader i was delighted by your header.

    2. thank you for purging your closet. i will anxiously await a reply from you regarding the items i'm coveting.

  2. Too bad we're not the same shoe size or those Urban Outfitter booties would have been mine. Darn my big wide monkey feet!

  3. Oh my gah I want those butterfly wedges, but I reside in Ireland and can't remember but I don't think I'm a size 7.
    p.s. your ginger love tag on twitter made me giggle
    p.p.s. not to sound stalker-ish but I love tuning in to see the squidgy baby. be still my heart.

  4. I've only tried falsies twice and they were applied NOTHING like that...excuse me, i'm off to the store ;)

  5. You are adorable & baby boy is so sweet!
    We need more gals like you in Canada! Specifically southern ontario!

  6. I am so glad I could clear that up for you! (I am the one who told you on instagram that it was actually a type of cheese, when you said "I love this yoghurt"!!)
    It is good isn't it?!

  7. So, you know that blogger with the tribal scarf and cardigan? THAT is how I want to dress. But I feel like need someone holding my hand and helping me at all times. At least for a while. Also, am I ever glad you posted that video. Thanks!

  8. i always have so much trouble gluing fake eye lashes on, but i really loved that video :)
    xo TJ

  9. Hi I a new to your blog - I discovered it/you via the Simply Lovely blog you are the object of a girl crush - Normally I am a lurker: one who reads blogs but does not often, if at all, comment. I have decided to remedy that this year. I am enjoying your posts and take on your life. Thank you for sharing. The reason for wanting to comment in the first place: I prefer the individual false eyelashes I find they look less Kardashian and more like an enhanced a version of yourself. You are able to add as many as you want:for a fuller look pile them on or add a few to the middle and outer ends for a more natural, refreshed, wide eyed look. I am trying to build up the courage to try the really crazy styles at Sephora - with feathers and shapes. I just need an occasion to suit the look and the price.

  10. i completely forgot what i was going to comment due to that very detailed eyelash comment above mine. wow, those are some deep eyelash thoughts! i'm impressed.

  11. I hope whoever has claimed those boots doesn't get them!

    And now I need to remember to come back when I have more time to click all your links!

  12. huck's blog posts KILL me sometimes! i freaking love them

  13. Loved what would a design blogger wear! I'm glad the ombré is still ok I was getting worries I was out of the loop.

  14. at first i was like, what does french taste like? and then i was like, ahhhh, i get it.


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