i was asked to contribute a craft for the cute girls at the martha stewart blog. huge martha fan here, i was excited to play along.

i've recently become obsessed with clothespin buntings, and i thought it would be cute and easy to string together a little valentine gift for huck's little friends that they could use to display their favorite valentines. after all, there is only so much candy a little tyke can handle before you kind of want to dangle them out the window by their feet.

you'll need:
mini clothespins
acrylic paints (i used the martha stewart satin line)
paint brush
magnetic tape
wrapping materials

1. paint the tops of the mini clothespins with acrylic paint and allow to dry (takes just thirty minutes or so).
2. cut twine to your desired length (i used 6 inches, which is a little short).
3. cut magnetic tape and use the adhesive side to stick it to the back of the clothespin once paint is dry. 
4. package up as you please and send them on their merry way!

as a bonus, those little clothespins are perfect for pinning a heart on your favorite valentine.

p.s. you can vote for this craft as your martha-favorite HERE if you are so inclined.

happy valentine's to you!


  1. Love this idea! And I voted because it's so Valentific!

  2. O so crafty! I love the instagram wall!! Where do you get your pictures printed? Or did you just do it yourself?

  3. Huck is looking so big! and old! and cute! in these photos!

  4. love this craft idea...and your little Huck is too cute for words!

  5. How cute is your baby boy?! I am dying over these images and I don't even know him! :) Love your DIY project. I'm not sure why but I've really been in a crafty mood for V-Day this year. :)



  6. aw, such a great little craft! i love it!
    and i definitely voted for you :)
    xo TJ

  7. I have to know where you got that onesie!!

  8. Love this--all I need now is a magnetic surface to stick it to!

  9. Such a cute crafty idea!

    And.... OMG, seriously. That kid. You are not helping my baby-fever...

  10. That's a cute idea...and I'm still searching for the right wall to do a photo wall. Le Sigh. The problems I have.

  11. ok i have to know if that is some sort of boxer-brief onesie or is it a stretched out normal onesie? either way, it might be the cutest thing i have ever seen and i need one immediately for my son, jack (who i think could be huck's best friend if jack were a little older...just saying :)

  12. Such a cute idea! I'm going to do this with my son Cruz! Thanks for the idea!

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