trader joe's is now stocking their peppermint joe-joe's

they taste like christmas morning.
(i do recommend the dark chocolate covered.)

huck is suddenly a big boy.

this handsome man gets home tonight. finally!

the mama bird and her huckleberry snack
(and the 1 train) 
(and those two cool cats drinking starbucks) 
say hi.

i was up until 2AM a stage area together in the dining room for my mindy gledhill concert tomorrow night. it felt soo good to finally have space to get creative and to have such a big old blank canvas and see it come together how i'd imagined.

i figured i could make room for a few nyc-area readers to come crash the concert. wanna come?
open to the first five people to email me.

over and out!


  1. I had the peppermint joe-joes for the first time last night, and it was a mistake...I'm going to want to buy them all the time now! The stage turned out beautifully! Love it!

  2. Oh too bad I'm not in NYC. Sigh.

  3. wish i was in nyc.
    but, your set-up looks AMAZING.

  4. WHAT!?!?! Dark chocolate covered joe joes!?!?! I have only had the regular pepperment joe joes... I see a trip to Traders in my very near future...

  5. he's such a real boy it's not even funny.

    also, that set-up is amazing. i vote you never take it down. i mean, it's kinda Christmasy, right?

  6. That stage set up is gorgeous. You are amazing to put that all together so quickly this week. Have fun...I wish I could be there!

  7. i love his pajamas! having dad away from home seems sooo hard, i don't know how you do it!
    Smoking Crayolas Blogspot

  8. it turned out beautiful :) wish I was in NYC!

  9. I don't live in NYC, but when I finally get to visit, I'll be contacting you. :)

  10. Wow, that turned out really pretty! Doilys... who knew?
    {And dang, totally wish I could be there.}

  11. since TJ is not where i live, would love to know what the other products are in the TJ picture...

  12. I LOVE Peppermint Joe-Joes!
    Love, Leigh

  13. Wowza, if I only lived in NYC..........

    And even if I'd been #6 I woulda crashed that sucka.

    (That's my tough guy NYC talk. I live in Canada so......)

    How do you eat like you do? Seriously, I hope you realize how lucky I think that makes you. I guess you wouldn't realize that since I don't know you and I've never told you that before. Maybe now you do.

    One lucky duck.

  14. That wall is so amazing! I hope the concert is fantastic!

  15. You have the cutest kiddo of all time :)

  16. i hope you're taping the concert! i wanna see some snippets :)

  17. I love the doily wall! I'm so jealous of those super lucky 5 people. And I'm in the pit of nowhere America, those peppermint things look divine, but no Trader Joe's for miles!

  18. How the carpface did you make that backdrop? It's amazing. And I love those new hardwood floors!

  19. I love the stage setup! I can't wait for you to post from your concert. Also, I am on my way to TJ's to get me some Joe-Joes. I've never had them and I am now convinced that I NEED them.


  20. thank you for turning me on to mindy's music. she's awesome and i'm ever so jealous of your stage / date night!!!

  21. I might just have to get those joe-joes tomorrow :)


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