sooooo, here's the story. we bought a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving from the costco, as is tradition, but when we cut into it on thanksgiving day we were all kinds of unimpressed. it was completely wibbly and sort of the consistency of a weak pudding. weird, costco!

so after visiting with friends in hell's kitchen on thanksgiving evening (and coming wayyy to close to huck's bedtime, so sorry my dude!), we decided on a whim to stop into the first open joint we passed to find ourselves a pumpkin pie replacement. 

and thus the traditional holbrook thanksgiving canoli was born.

it tastes absolutely nothing like thanksgiving. but, whatever.
hey! merry christmas!
(i can legally say that now.)


  1. Costco pumpkin pie leaves a lot to be desired. In any country.

    Merry Christmas.

    I love canoli's.

  2. leave the gun....

    (what IS it with men and the godfather!?)

  3. Haha! Awesome. Is it terrible that I've never had a canoli?

  4. Okay, just so you know, I think you're the quirkiest, coolest ever. I want to be best friends with you. I'll make it happen, nbd.

    I just reread all of that. I'm creepy. Dangit.

    Kay well, I think you're awesome and all that stuff. And I love your blog. Tah tah!

  5. i love when traditions are born like that. like the funfetti cake we make for easter. things just happen and then it's a (delicious!) tradition.

  6. I've never had canoli. I know, you're judging me. But I love traditions that start like this. Happy Thanksiving Christmastime!

  7. I had that same thought on Costco pumpkin pie last night. I think Costco changed their recipe this year. I don't remember it being so mushy last year.

    But yay for new traditions!

  8. Your Thanksgiving canoli looks lovely : ) I went the pumpkin cheesecake route this year and I'm not sure I will ever go back to pie!
    And I am behind in saying that the doily picnic was a grand idea.

  9. Last years I had a Safeway pumpkin pie. It was terrible. But I can't complain too much, we spent the holiday in Hawaii.

  10. I will only eat my homemade Libby's pumpkin pie (with my homemade buttery crust). Costco's pie was actually a good replacement years ago, but it is gross now.

    I had my first real canoli when I was in NYC recently--YUM!!! I might be back in April and I want more!

    Merry Christmas!

  11. hmm thanksgiving cannoli...sounds good to me. maybe i can fill them with some pumpkiny type filling.

  12. Sounds like a perfect replacement. We had Momofuku crack pie (but I made it myself, no way would I shell out $44 plus shipping for the real thing). But your substitution is way more New York-y.


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